Bring Yourself Flowers

Bring Yourself Flowers

There is nothing more beautiful that carries a gentle reminder to live your life more fully than a live flower arrangement.  Be it a single zinnia from the garden,  a grocery store grab or a glamorous floral affair  they all offer the same reminder of  the importance of time.   Flowers offer you a very specific timeline to enjoy their beauty—  they wait for no one.  They show up beautiful and share their majesty  as long as they can and are resolved to fade into their own timeline oblivious of what you are doing.  I love to garden so I am always hacking something out of the yard to bring in and make arrangements.  I like a single small stem in the bathroom beside my sink and I like a larger arrangement in my kitchen and lastly a small arrangement next to my bed.  Each of the locations require me to pause and serve as a simple reminder to take a breath, be present and enjoy the moment.

The trick to beautiful arrangements is actually the foliage that  you add. I always start my arrangements with what I call filler it is anything green that I just cut from my yard.   Another fun thing to do is use odd things to hold your flowers, a jar, a used candle container, even a shoe can be used.

I love easy to grow flowers that give you a lot of bang for you buck.  Zinnias, bachelor buttons and hydrangeas are some of my favorites.  A single floating magnolia is one of the most majestic flowers you can have even though they last only one day.

Flowers  remind us to live each day with beauty and an awareness of time.  Plant yourself some flowers or buy yourself some flowers  or tell someone to send you some flowers …either way, remember time is fleeting and you should enjoy the beauty of each day.

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