Cheers to New Beginnings

Cheers to New Beginnings

We are now in 2022… WOW! 

As last year’s wild journey around the sun comes to an end and a new one starts, my heart is full of gratitude, new friendships, and empowerment!

*photo courtesy of EFSA

Looking back on the past year as a small business during some of the most trying times there is one thing that resonates—-the only thing that is constant is change. For those who have stuck with us through it all, we are so very grateful for you. Our local love is what it  is and will continue to make our little heart beat of a town thrive more and more. 

As one of the founding partners of D&F this year is a milestone. We have taken on new partners, created new business alliances, and we have several new vendors in the business “incubator.” The year has had lots of peaks and lots of valleys.There has been blood, sweat, and, yes, tears of gratitude as well as tears of exhaustion. Thanks to a whole host of near heavenly angels, our staff continues to deliver excellence no matter the request. With every struggle there has been a huge learning curve. The moral to that story is learn and grow from each endeavor and power through. 

*Photo Courtesy of Jason Walle, Chain Reactions Studios

We feel so blessed to be a part of a positive wave of change in downtown Monroe. The camaraderie found among our local businesses is immense.

We support each other and we all support local. In that Dandelion and Friends Mercantile was born of two young women who met at Union County Farmers Market, we love sourcing local. Pantry specialties and local delights….coupled with several sincere work horses and mentally tough women, we feel most capable of continued growth despite the obstacles we may encounter. Lurking around each corner is the magic of a little sparkle (okay, maybe a lot of sparkle!) and the renewed thought that every day has the opportunity for new adventures that lie just around the bend.

May the good Lord show favor on you and yours as we all anticipate a 2022 that is happy, healthy and filled with surprises!

Written By: Hannah Harris

Chief Grower, Van-Lover, and Birdie’s Dog Mom

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