Savor: to delight in

Savor: to delight in
  1. 1.
    taste (good food or drink) and enjoy it completely.
    “gourmets will want to savor our game specialties”
  2. 2.
    have a suggestion or trace of (something, especially something bad).
    “their genuflections savored of superstition and popery”
  1. a characteristic taste, flavor, or smell, especially a pleasant one.
    “the subtle savor of wood smoke”


This is my word for 2022. 

Savoring the first sip of locally roasted coffee (ahem, from Dandelion of course). 

Savoring my fresh flowers that make me smile every time I pass by.

Savoring my small town where I walk and wave at familiar faces in cars passing by. 

Savoring my dinner dates with old friends. 

Savoring my Marco Polo’s in the car to friends from afar, but allowing technology to keep us feeling close. 

Savoring my time with God. In prayer. In thought. In worship. In His word. In doubt, confusion, worry, and fear. In celebration, rejoicing, laughter, and delight.

Savoring the photos I don’t look good in, but who cares?! They’re real. 

Savoring the slow mornings I covet. Savoring the spur of the moment adventures. Savoring phone calls. Savoring the unexpected joys. 

Savoring happy mail from friends. Hand-written is always better!

Savoring a good book whose beauty unfolds with every word you read.

Savoring pets unconditional love. Tail wags. Barks. Licks. Begging. (Looking at you, Moochy girl!) 

Savoring curiosity. Savoring questions. Savoring mindfulness. 

2022… A year to savor. Savor the lowest valleys and the highest mountains. Savor those you love. Savor the unknown and what’s to come. Savor new friends, old friends, and those that are only around for a special lesson.

Savor the hurt, so the healing feels so much better.

Savor the disappointment, so the good news soaks in.

Savor the unpredictable, because predictable just gets boring. 

Savor mistakes, regret is ugly. 

Savor bad ideas, they make the best inspiration. 

Savor your flaws, they make you beautiful. 

Savor. Savor. Savor. 

Life is fleeting. We all have a purpose. Savor the journey as you find yours!


Words by Karsyn King

Costco Sample Connoisseur, European at Heart, and Number Guru  


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